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Who is this UberFist dood??

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    My name is Bob, I aam the head tech, and manager at John’s Hobbies. Im also the one responsible for the website, Facebook, and all things tech here. If you have issues with the site, let me know so I can address it ASAP.
    I can answer any tech questions you might have.
    We have a few other guys here that can help with forum moderation and many RC tech issues as well.

    We look forward to hearing from everyone. lets make this place fun and educational for everyone!

    John Endisch

    Good After noon Everyone, My Name is John. Bob asked me to be a Mod on the forums and I’m happy to help out. You can usually find me around the shop on the weekends racing with a couple of kids. I have tons of experiance building and repairing building and repairing Remote Control cars in both nitro and electric, but not a lot experiance racing them. These days I enjoy watching the next generation grow into the hobby and helping the community.

    My current collection of cars are a RC10GT, a TRAXXAS SLASH, A latrax SST and 2 latrax Rallys. I am hoping to pick a few cars for other kids to use while racing at the track.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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