John's Hobbies


Puzzle Competition

… Teams consist of up to 2 people compete to see who can complete the puzzle first

… Adults are considered 16 and up, children are 15 and below

… Teams can consist of up to 2 adults and/or children (unless the competition is children only)

… Puzzles are set on the table, box sealed, and covered

… When the time starts, competitors open their puzzles and start assembling

… 6 hour time limit

… Prizes consist of:

$200 credit for 1

$100 credit for 2

$50 credit for 3

These credits are for use on any Ravensburger products in the store, including Ravensburger puzzles, Gravitrax, Brio, and Think fun games

… Participant teams can take the puzzles home.

For more detailed info, please stop in, or call 262.673.7454

Check out the fascinating story of Ravensburger here

Ravensburger published its first game in 1884. “Journey around the world”, a geographical board game based on Jules Vern’s “Around the world in 80 days”.

The company was handed over to Ivar’s 3 sons, introducing the Brio name. They created many other products until their first puzzle with interlocking pieces in 1964.

Many smaller companies merged with Ravensburger to expand their lines into industry leading educational toys. In 2017, they launched the Gravitrax marble run system.

What is next from them? Who knows, but you can bet it will carry the same quality and innovation that the Ravensburger name demands.