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We are So WI’s only Exclusive Traxxas dealer. Because of our relationship with Traxxas, we have access to all of their resources. We get models first, get back ordered product first, we are authorized to handle warranty returns, and are able to offer lower prices.

We carry over 2500 parts, and this list is growing! As new products are released, we start the journey to stock the most common replacement parts. We order 3 times a week, so if we dont have what you need, we can get it in quick order.

We also carry the full line of Prographics paints

We do repair, from installing wheels to complete drive train repair. We also participate in Traxxas’ Power Up program. you bring in your ESC and Motor, and we replace it with an upgraded system at a huge discount from retail prices. If you aren’t sure what to bring in, just bring in your entire vehicle, and we will do the swap for you.

From the smallest crawler to the largest basher, we carry the full line of Traxxas vehicles. Most are her in the shop for you to handle. We even have a few for you to test drive if you are so inclined.